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Latest Recipes

Couscous Roasted Veggie Melange
Oct 13 2010

I got this recipe from a friend at work after she brought it to a pot-luck lunch. I like it warm or cold.

Sep 29 2010

We enjoyed this recipe last night. It's got crunch, lots of sauce and a nice flavour (although Jon and I both said that next time we'd add hot sauce for a little more kick).  Thought I'd pass it on...

Sep 25 2010

This is a really tasty way to eat the greens!

Dill Cucumber Soup
Sep 24 2010

We made a version of this at a family get-together and tried it again the other day. The cayenne is good but make sure to add it according to your taste. The original recipe calls for tamari to taste as well, but we didn't use it. (I think tamari is a particular kind of soy sauce).

Sep 08 2010

This recipe was stolen from a friend's Facebook status: "Just made the yummiest cup of coffee I have ever had by cold brewing coarse grind Tim Hortons in my french press. Extract goes in the fridge and my coffee is made for the week."

Buns or Bread (Basic)
Aug 28 2010

I've been making it into 24 buns most of the time, but it is a recipe for 2 loaves of bread.

Aug 26 2010

We had a container of cheap fajita seasoning from the International market down the street but found out it had MSG in it. Today I was making fajitas and realized we had no seasoning. I found this recipe online and followed it loosely (ie. not really measuring but using these ingredients in roughly these proportions) and it turned out pretty well.

Potato-Tomato Gratin
Aug 25 2010

I found this recipe in Aug/Sept 98 Canadian Gardening magazine; whenever I am leafing through magazines the recipes always catch my eye.  It seemed like an odd combination to have tomatoes and potatoes together but we find it quite tasty.

We enjoyed it for supper tonight.

Carrot Soup
Aug 14 2010

We got this recipe from the back of a children's book we took out of the library and adapted it a little. Alleia ate it quite well after all the excitement of making it.

Aug 13 2010

Julie and I have made this several times, adapting whatever other recipes or ingredients we have on hand.