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Apple Jelly

There are a lot of crab apple trees around Winnipeg.  We can usually get a good supply of apples for the picking.  Some varieties (esp. the Rescue crab) are good for apple sauce and jelly.

Cook in dutch oven (with about 2 inches of water) over medium heat, stirring constantly, until soft:

apples (halved, and with blossoms removed)

Place a cheese cloth (or a clean old tea towel) in a colander, let the juice drip out.  Use the juice for jelly, and sieve the apples for apple sauce.

1 pkg. Certo Light (fruit pectin)
sugar (amount specified on box of Certo)
1 pkg. Kool-aid (cherry, strawberry, raspberry, etc.)

I usually follow the basic recipe on the Certo package, but with the Kool-aid added to the sugar to give more taste.

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