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Our favourite [pumpkin recipe] this week is a pumpkin dip that tastes great with apple slices.

Apple and Butternut Squash Soup

We bought a huge bag of apples from an orchard so we were looking for apple recipes. This was a request from Janel so I found a recipe online and modified it slightly based on quantities we had on hand.

I got this recipe from a friend at college.  Whenever we would invite her over she would bring the ingredients for this snack salad.  She looked really timid, but we would often sneak pieces of the Snicker bar before they were added.  Once I caught her trying to fit half of one into her mouth.

I got this recipe from a lady who is from India.  It has all of the curry called for, which might be a little strong for some.

(from "Simply in Season" cookbook)

There are a lot of crab apple trees around Winnipeg.  We can usually get a good supply of apples for the picking.  Some varieties (esp. the Rescue crab) are good for apple sauce and jelly.

The first time we made Fidget Pie Lana was highly amused to find me separating the 15 lb. bag of potatoes (she bought it because she just couldn’t see paying more money for fewer potatoes) into 15 piles to determine how many made 1 pound.  We enjoy this recipe as much for the process of putting it together and the scent in the kitchen, as for its taste.  We use it for winter holidays like this Thanksgiving, when we put up Christmas decorations while it was baking.  Our cat, Snowflake, goes wild while we are at work on Fidget Pie.  We think it is the smell of diced ham that makes her so eager to get in on the action.

A batch of muffins, cooling.

The batter is just as good as the muffins!

Cut together until crumbly...