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Lisa Vander Schaaf

Meals are more fun when they are shared, so we often try to accommodate our roommate’s vegetable-hating, non-meat-eating, really-hardly-any-fruit-or-grain-liking tastes.  When we eat together, we have pastas (manicotti, spaghetti, ravioli, or lasagna) or pizza.  When we make this recipe, we leave the veggies off of her half.

The first time we made Fidget Pie Lana was highly amused to find me separating the 15 lb. bag of potatoes (she bought it because she just couldn’t see paying more money for fewer potatoes) into 15 piles to determine how many made 1 pound.  We enjoy this recipe as much for the process of putting it together and the scent in the kitchen, as for its taste.  We use it for winter holidays like this Thanksgiving, when we put up Christmas decorations while it was baking.  Our cat, Snowflake, goes wild while we are at work on Fidget Pie.  We think it is the smell of diced ham that makes her so eager to get in on the action.

This is a recipe that is not, maybe, for everyone.  Our roommate Cindy’s first and only response was “well, it’s not chocolate cake”  Now we warn her of that sad fact before she tastes anything we bake.