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Janel found this recipe and it is very simple and tastes great. It might not be good for you. We have made it a few times using left over chicken from a rotisserie chicken from the day before.

We got this recipe with our CSA share when the kohlrabi came in. It's a nice side dish.

David Dawson's Whole Wheat Chick Pea Salad

From a friend: "Here's an original that I made a few months ago. Definitely takes some planning ahead for all the soaking that you have to do but well worth it. It's filling and fun to try out whole wheat - something that I don't think I'd had before. Don't forget - salt well only after it's fully tender. There's something with salt which prevents beans from every getting soft."

This is an unusually, but very good flavored yogurt.  This recipe came from a cooking class Erica took at our local co-op, taught by Rupa Dash.

We got this one from a friend after we had it at their house. It was helpful to use some of the kale from our CSA that year.

Spicy Salsa that i ate with deep fried dough, but it would also be really good with a healthier alternative.