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We had these while visiting some friends in Minneapolis and they were really good.

We had this at a Ladies Rally in Emo, Ontario in June, 1981.  It is a fun meal to serve, good to serve after you've just done a major grocery shopping since there are quite a few ingredients.
I don't know how many this serves, but would guess at least a dozen. When this is served the ingredients are served in order.  Begin with the rice, then the chicken and gravy, followed by the remaining ingredients in the order given.

This is a bread Mom used to make quite often.  The recipe says it is for 9 - size 303 cans.  It can also be baked in a large loaf pan, or two small ones.

Soft Granola Bars

This recipe came from Ted's sister Grace.  She got it from a Canadian Living Magazine.  We usually double the recipe so that they can be put in a 9x13 pan.  Here in Winnipeg, a batch is usually baked and bagged so that they can be taken on road trips for volleyball or basketball to provide an energy boost when needed.