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I came across descriptions of this cookie while browsing Dutch baking blogs this past Christmas and have since made them several times. I like the light flaky-ness of them. I mentioned them in a group call the other day and thought I ought to post the recipe to encourage experimenting.

Our favourite dessert this fall is the Upside-Down Pear Gingerbread recipe from the cookbook Simply in Season. You should probably make this. Soon. IT IS SO TASTY!

Jon & Er asked for a copy of Lori's cookies recipe so I thought I'd send it around more broadly in case any of the rest of you haven't enjoyed the scrumptiousness lately. 

We made this as a part of the Seattle Bakker's Christmas package this year, and did eat a few ourselves as well.

This recipe is adapted from a collection of Christmas recipes I looked through in December. It makes cookies that taste a lot like peppermint brownies. We all like them a lot.

I'm making these cookies and since it is our current favorite recipe I thought I'd share it with you!!