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Latest Recipes

Brussel Sprouts
Jan 01 2011

We like this preparation for brussel sprouts.

Dec 11 2010

Easy to prepare in the slow cooker and since it takes 9-10 hours to cook on low, its a great recipe for when you will be away from home all day.

Dec 11 2010

An easy way to make a tasty pork roast.

Dec 11 2010

We have enjoyed this Apple Walnut Oatmeal on cold winter mornings. We have prepared it overnight on low and it usually turns out pretty well, but there have been some instances of the bottom getting a little overcooked. Would work great when you stay up late and have to wake up early!

Honey-Ginger Autumn Stir Fry
Dec 04 2010

I biked over to the local farmer's market today and picked up a bunch of fall/winter produce without a real plan for what to do with it all. This was an original creation and has a lot of different "wintery" flavors blending together.

Spicy Sweet Pumpkin Seeds
Nov 09 2010

Baking pumpkin seeds plain or with a little salt is quite good, but try this if you're in the mood for something different. These are to regular pumpkin seeds what kettle corn is to regular popcorn.

Bruschetta Fresca
Oct 14 2010

This was the suggested pairing to the Mushroom Pork Loin in the supermarket sample booth. Both were very good and this one doesn't take a lot of preparation.

Mushroom Pork Loin
Oct 14 2010

This recipe actually originated in a grocery store. They were giving out samples and it tasted so good that I took the recipe sheet home with me and later tried it out. Suggested pairing: Bruschetta Fresca. Yum.

Apple and Butternut Squash Soup
Oct 13 2010

We bought a huge bag of apples from an orchard so we were looking for apple recipes. This was a request from Janel so I found a recipe online and modified it slightly based on quantities we had on hand.