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This recipe is pretty flexible in terms of the kind of meat / cheese / etc.

I made this over Christmas, and it was a good source of calories when I was up in the night with Asher. The recipe was in our local newspaper in December. I've halved it, so that it makes about five 1-cup servings (or ten 1/2 cup servings--it is very rich!).

Bargain Banana Bread

This recipe is hand-written in my book. I got it from mom, who says she got it from "the Super Store's bargain banana bag".

This dressing is very good for lettuce or potato salad.

Another one from Aunt Clasina.  Mom wrote "Combine all above ingredients. You will have the most delicious salad dressing you ever tasted."

This is the recipe Mom used for potato salad.  As I sit here typing this recipe, I see a pan on a bread board on the kitchen windowsill, I can feel the gentle breeze, see the steam coming out of the pan, and recognize the somewhat pungent smell of the mustard dressing - the making of potato salad. Yum!

I think Bev introduced us to this recipe.  It is a favorite to use for picnics and potlucks.

This salad is quite popular around here.  I like the taste a lot, but don't know how you can reduce the amount of Miracle Whip.  (It tastes great, but seems like a lot of dressing.)

We like the topping on this salad.

We had this at the bridal shower I attended in MI.  It was delicious.  Just wanted to pass it along.  I remember Dave's Aunt Cindy saying something about a special kind of almond she used (Spanish Marcona almonds).  I have no idea where you would find them.  I'll probably try regular almonds first! (Recipe by:  Char Veenstra)