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Bruschetta Fresca

This was the suggested pairing to the Mushroom Pork Loin in the supermarket sample booth. Both were very good and this one doesn't take a lot of preparation.

Potato-Tomato Gratin

I found this recipe in Aug/Sept 98 Canadian Gardening magazine; whenever I am leafing through magazines the recipes always catch my eye.  It seemed like an odd combination to have tomatoes and potatoes together but we find it quite tasty.

We enjoyed it for supper tonight.

Mel and I make this soup quite often. We wanted a lentil soup and Mel came across an Alton Brown recipe that sounded fairly quick but delicious. We've modified it in a few spots in order to fix it into words but we've only really followed the recipe once. Its a good guide though. I like smelling each spice separately for a few moments before mixing all the spices together in a little bowl. Smell the resulting concoction before adding it to the soup.

Great Northern Beans

I was at a friend's house the other day and she had a pot simmering that smelled so good!  When I asked her for the recipe, she laughed, because it was a recipe she had copied from my book.  I made it the next day, and thought I'd pass it on.

This is supposed to be a gooder.

We had buckets of this at our wedding reception. Literally.

Spicy Salsa that i ate with deep fried dough, but it would also be really good with a healthier alternative.

This one was a favorite for a while and we served it to many guests. I think it originated in the More WIth Less Cookbook.

Canning Salsa

It's not as good as the fresh salsa, but it does last longer which can be helpful if you have a lot of tomatoes to use and want to save some jars for the future. I believe this one originated with the "More With Less" cookbook.

Janel says "Limes and lemons are key!"

I can't remember where I got this one from originally but I sent it to Patrick in 2008 when he had 4 avocados on hand.

For Christmas 1994 Jonathan gave Elbert a gift he really enjoyed.  It was a bag of potting soil, 12 pots, and a note telling him that each month he would receive some seeds.  As a bonus, he got some for that month as well.  They were for “hot peppers”.  Those hot peppers were his most treasured plants.  They were started in the house, then transplanted and kept on the deck for the summer.  Elbert watched them closely, then harvested the 14 peppers that were produced.  In the late fall, he and Gwen chopped them up for a triple recipe of this salsa.

The chef at the New Orleans School of Cooking said there are two trinities.  The Divine one we knew, and the other, he said, gives a divine flavour and is found in many of the world’s favourite dishes.  It is a combination of onion, celery, and sweet pepper.  Add tomato and oregano and it is Italian.  Add chili and tomato for Spanish or Mexican.  Add curry for Indian.  Add cream for French.  By making a blender puree of those four vegetables, and then canning it, I use up a lot of end-of-the-season garden produce and have a head start on many sauces.  The kids don’t pick out the chunks.

We had this at a Ladies Rally in Emo, Ontario in June, 1981.  It is a fun meal to serve, good to serve after you've just done a major grocery shopping since there are quite a few ingredients.
I don't know how many this serves, but would guess at least a dozen. When this is served the ingredients are served in order.  Begin with the rice, then the chicken and gravy, followed by the remaining ingredients in the order given.

Real ruam as we had it in Nigeria uses African yam as the staple, and there are many variations on the sauce.  In Canada, we continue to enjoy this version of it occasionally, and almost always on Christmas Eve. This makes a finger food, but you must make sure the potatoes are hot so that the gluten does its work.