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Arlo and Heidi Bakker

From Auntie Grace, via dad.

They are really good slathered with apple sauce!

All in the pot at once and you don't brown the ground beef. It's my new favorite one-pot-save-your-sanity-at-5:00 meal!

I came across descriptions of this cookie while browsing Dutch baking blogs this past Christmas and have since made them several times. I like the light flaky-ness of them. I mentioned them in a group call the other day and thought I ought to post the recipe to encourage experimenting.

We've made this since at least as far back as our stay in Shoreline with Jonathon and Erika. They came up in conversation the other night during a hangout and I thought I would post the recipe in case others would like to experience them. We highly recommend them (partly because most of the mixing takes place the night before and therefore the mornings are easier). Our cookbook tells us that this recipe comes from the 1896 Fannie Farmer Cookbook.

Jon & Er asked for a copy of Lori's cookies recipe so I thought I'd send it around more broadly in case any of the rest of you haven't enjoyed the scrumptiousness lately. 

I came across a recipe for a homemade equivalent of Clif Bars. I modified a few of the ingredients to reflect what supplies our cupboards contained with positive results.

Arlo has enjoyed some cooking experience in Home Ec. at school.  He made this for us for supper once.