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A friend originally made this for us and it is great. We use a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, clean the meat off to chop for the soup and then boil the rest of the carcass to make some of the chicken broth that is required.

Janel found this recipe and it is very simple and tastes great. It might not be good for you. We have made it a few times using left over chicken from a rotisserie chicken from the day before.

(Indirectly from Colorado Cache Cookbook, p. 261, The Junior League of Denver)

This is Erica's dad's specialty. We love it, and it's good even if it gets cold.

Easy to prepare in the slow cooker and since it takes 9-10 hours to cook on low, its a great recipe for when you will be away from home all day.

We had a container of cheap fajita seasoning from the International market down the street but found out it had MSG in it. Today I was making fajitas and realized we had no seasoning. I found this recipe online and followed it loosely (ie. not really measuring but using these ingredients in roughly these proportions) and it turned out pretty well.

Chicken Divan

This is a recipe that we really enjoy at our house. It is originally from a cookbook that Gwen's grade 12 class put together. I like to make enough for two meals; we eat it over rice one time, and over pasta the next. Sometimes I omit the chicken bouillon and use chicken stock in place of part of the milk.

I think Bev introduced us to this recipe.  It is a favorite to use for picnics and potlucks.

Our usual Sunday lunch during fall, winter and spring consists of soup and a make-your-own-sandwich table.  This is a common soup served, I guess partly because we have our chickens to feed us after we've fed them for a year.  Our younger kids like the dry chicken noodle soup prepared just with water too, but they know I try to serve lots of vegetables so they like this version as well.  Our garden often supplies the vegetables needed.

I got this recipe from a lady who is from India.  It has all of the curry called for, which might be a little strong for some.

Our RCYF (young people) has an annual soup and pie supper.  We serve vegetable soup, pea soup, chilli, chicken soup, creamed chicken taverns and potluck pies.  I like the chicken soup recipe and make half a recipe (omitting Lipton soup) often for our family.  I use whatever broth forms while cooking the chicken.

We had this at the bridal shower I attended in MI.  It was delicious.  Just wanted to pass it along.  I remember Dave's Aunt Cindy saying something about a special kind of almond she used (Spanish Marcona almonds).  I have no idea where you would find them.  I'll probably try regular almonds first! (Recipe by:  Char Veenstra)

1 chicken or 1 kg beef
8 potatoes
8  pieces of corn cob (ie 3 cobs cut in 3)
4 carrots in bite size pieces
1 packet green beans (i think like half of the big bags bought in stores)
3 scoops (cups?) of rice
1 onion, cut in 4
salt, oregano, pepper to taste

(For 8)

Mom and I love main dishes loaded with lots of vegetables.  We served this for supper when Dawn, Rachel, Jon, and Erika visited our house in celebration of Gert’s birthday.

We had this at a Ladies Rally in Emo, Ontario in June, 1981.  It is a fun meal to serve, good to serve after you've just done a major grocery shopping since there are quite a few ingredients.
I don't know how many this serves, but would guess at least a dozen. When this is served the ingredients are served in order.  Begin with the rice, then the chicken and gravy, followed by the remaining ingredients in the order given.