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This was tasty and even the kids liked it.

All in the pot at once and you don't brown the ground beef. It's my new favorite one-pot-save-your-sanity-at-5:00 meal!

If you are part of a CSA sometimes you get things you might not usually use, like radishes. Here's a soup that uses the tops of the radishes.

Here's one crockpot recipe that's a standby at our house--pea soup. We often eat it with cornbread.

Easy to prepare in the slow cooker and since it takes 9-10 hours to cook on low, its a great recipe for when you will be away from home all day.

Potato-Tomato Gratin

I found this recipe in Aug/Sept 98 Canadian Gardening magazine; whenever I am leafing through magazines the recipes always catch my eye.  It seemed like an odd combination to have tomatoes and potatoes together but we find it quite tasty.

We enjoyed it for supper tonight.

I think Bev introduced us to this recipe.  It is a favorite to use for picnics and potlucks.

We use the same basic recipe for cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, asparagus, or mushroom soups.  Use the desired vegetable in place of potato.  Add complimentary seasonings and herbs.  Use a milder, white cheese with cauliflower and broccoli.  Cumin seasons cauliflower.

The grade 6 class makes this as part of their unit on pioneers.  Then they usually make biscuits with it.  At college Jonathan and Dawn both had roommates from Prince Edward Island (potato country), so they have had this at college as well.

1 chicken or 1 kg beef
8 potatoes
8  pieces of corn cob (ie 3 cobs cut in 3)
4 carrots in bite size pieces
1 packet green beans (i think like half of the big bags bought in stores)
3 scoops (cups?) of rice
1 onion, cut in 4
salt, oregano, pepper to taste

(For 8)

These are a favourite I “discovered” one day while making supper.  The two recipes were on top of each other and I accidentally combined them.  They were a hit, and when mom went to make them another time, she found out what I had done and improvised as well.

Wrap in saran wrap and cook in microwave until leaves are easily flexed (about 12 minutes on high):

1 head cabbage


1 lb. hamburger
1 small onion

Add and cook on low for about 10 minutes:

2 medium potatoes (diced)

Remove from heat and add:

1 can condensed tomato soup
1 cup cooked rice

Take this mixture in tablespoons and put in cabbage leaves, fold and put in greased baking dish.  Combine the following and pour over the cabbage rolls:

Real ruam as we had it in Nigeria uses African yam as the staple, and there are many variations on the sauce.  In Canada, we continue to enjoy this version of it occasionally, and almost always on Christmas Eve. This makes a finger food, but you must make sure the potatoes are hot so that the gluten does its work.

A Ukrainian dish usually served either boiled or fried with onions and topped with sour cream.  I don't know what a true Ukrainian would say about our method.  Elbert really likes these.

The first time we made Fidget Pie Lana was highly amused to find me separating the 15 lb. bag of potatoes (she bought it because she just couldn’t see paying more money for fewer potatoes) into 15 piles to determine how many made 1 pound.  We enjoy this recipe as much for the process of putting it together and the scent in the kitchen, as for its taste.  We use it for winter holidays like this Thanksgiving, when we put up Christmas decorations while it was baking.  Our cat, Snowflake, goes wild while we are at work on Fidget Pie.  We think it is the smell of diced ham that makes her so eager to get in on the action.