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Laryn Kragt Bakker

Goat cheese, spinach and grape tomato spaghetti

This spaghetti has a fairly subtle (but good) flavor. The kids didn't expect to like it because of the cooked spinach but they all enjoyed it.

This was tasty and even the kids liked it.

Some friends sent us this recipe in preparation for a virtual Burn's Supper – and we were surprised that the kids rated it highly! No sheep entrails required.

The kids were very interested in the "light the whiskey on fire" part of this.

Dessert for the Burns supper! The kids were nervous so we cut quite far back on the whiskey volume.

Another element of our virtual Burns Supper.

We made this the other day and the older kids gave it cautious approval (e.g. a "once a month" rating).

Molten Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cake.

This was Alleia's 13th birthday treat -- a keeper for sure!

Pumpkin Oat Applesauce Muffin.

We made these with fresh pumpkin puree and went a little overboard on the chocolate chips (scaled down in the recipe here).

Stack of pancakes.

We've merged Grandma's recipe and Matt's recipe and modified slightly.

Beer Bread

The main benefit of this sweet bread is the speed with which it can be made. If you need bread for your dinner and haven't started anything rising, this bread can be whipped up and thrown straight into the oven.

Chickpea Curry

Recommended from a friend: "this meal is healthy, cheap, fairly quick, and flavorful. It can also easily be modified to be gluten free and/or dairy-free, making it a good one to cook for families who have food restrictions. Sometimes I actually use dried chickpeas and fresh vegetables, but canned chickpeas and frozen veggies work well, too."

Pecan Pie

Janel made this for my birthday – yum!

Lemon layer cake with raspberry

We've made this cake once before and really liked it. We're planning to make it again for Reuben's birthday so I had to search and find it again, and then thought I'd better bookmark it in this recipe site to make it easier to find next time.

Peanut Sweet Potato Soup

This soup has a peanut sauce undertone which is quite good.