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Since our family likes monkey breads and likes to make yeast dough – I thought this would be a winner.

Another element of our virtual Burns Supper.

Pumpkin Oat Applesauce Muffin.

We made these with fresh pumpkin puree and went a little overboard on the chocolate chips (scaled down in the recipe here).

Stack of pancakes.

We've merged Grandma's recipe and Matt's recipe and modified slightly.

They are really good slathered with apple sauce!

Beer Bread

The main benefit of this sweet bread is the speed with which it can be made. If you need bread for your dinner and haven't started anything rising, this bread can be whipped up and thrown straight into the oven.

Berkelaar 5-Minute Artisan Bread

It’s not sourdough, but a recipe that mixes easily and doesn’t require kneading. A search for “artisan bread in 5 minutes a day” would come up with recipes. Edward mixes it on Saturday evening and bakes it Sunday morning before church.

One of our favourite muffins. I usually double the recipe and make either 16 extra large or 20 large muffins. I use silicon muffins cupcake forms in metal muffin tins. Easy clean up there!

Elbert says "Naan bread is delicious and chewy." Hope it works for you!

After enjoying naan bread at the Berkelaars I decided to try to make some.

We like it a lot.  Instead of a grill as the recipe suggested, I use our teflon electric skillet and like the way the bread turns out.

Makes about 20 pancake sized breads.

This recipe is from allrecipes


I found this recipe in some magazine and we like it.  Please note that the tube pan should not have the removeable bottom!  I tried it in an angel food cake pan once with disasterous results as the honey sauce leaked out - what a mess. It also fits into two regular bread loaf pans.  When cooled, slice and serve with butter.

Sometimes, I put the dough, with the honey sauce, into a pan as regular cinnamon rolls

We've made this since at least as far back as our stay in Shoreline with Jonathon and Erika. They came up in conversation the other night during a hangout and I thought I would post the recipe in case others would like to experience them. We highly recommend them (partly because most of the mixing takes place the night before and therefore the mornings are easier). Our cookbook tells us that this recipe comes from the 1896 Fannie Farmer Cookbook.

This is our current favorite [pumpkin recipe]. We have 1 cup bags of frozen pre-cooked pumpkin in the freezer which work for this.
Toaster Oven Cornbread

I often make this cornbread on Saturday mornings in my toaster oven. Using foil over the top keeps the cornbread tender, and easy to store for a day or two as leftovers. The amounts of each ingredient shift around quite a lot, but it usually just takes a few minutes longer or shorter to make up the different.

I developed this recipe while I was interning at the Land Institute (summer 2002). I really like the heartier feeling that comes with the cornmeal. I would often walk a mile each way to the mulberry tree to pick fresh berries to mix in with the batter, and that may be part of the reason they always tasted so good.